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V = Vegetarian, VV = Vegetarian, but can be vegan, VVV = vegan, G = Gluten Free


apps & small plates

Southern Chicken Sliders                     10

2 sliders with pimento cheese, jalapeno ranch, challah bread, served with tater tots


Crispy Tofu Sliders (VVV)                     10

2 sliders with hoisin sauce, coconut slaw, challah bread, served with tater tots


Fried Cauliflower  (V)                              9

Lightly breaded, served with jalapeno ranch 

Flavors: plain, buffalo, Korean bbq


Bavarian Pretzels (VV)                           9

Fried pretzels served with jalapeno queso & honey horseradish mustard


Veggie Egg Rolls  (V)                              9

Served with sweet chili sauce 


Veggie Empanadas (V)                         10

3 empanadas with spinach, corn, black beans, and cheese. Served with a creamy tomatillo dipping sauce.


Mound of Rounds (V,G)                           9

Mozzarella, sour cream, pico de gallo

Add bacon for $2


Spicy Fried Pickles  (VV)                        8

Served with house buttermilk ranch


Deviled Eggs (G)                                      8


Thinking Man Wings (G)             6 for $10 

Carrots, celery, ranch                  12 for $17

Flavors: buffalo, Korean bbq, lemon pepper




All sandwiches come with a choice of side ($2 upcharge for a greek salad or $1.50 for a soup).


Philly Cheese Steak                                     15

Steak or chicken with onions, peppers, provolone cheese, and mayo


Cuban                                                           13

Pork, ham, swiss, mustard, pickles


Vegetarian BBQ (VVV)                                11.5

Jackfruit carnitas, pickles, grilled onions, coconut slaw


Chicken Salad                                             12

Homemade chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, Challah


Gyro                                                              12

Lamb, Tzatziki lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, pita

(available with chicken instead of lamb)


Chicken Caesar Wrap                                  12

Diced chicken (choice of grilled or fried) with lettuce, tomato, parmesan cheese, and caesar dressing.


Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup (V)            12

Challah bread, cheddar and Swiss cheese served with our World Famous Tomato Soup (or your choice of side instead of soup)


B.L.T.                                                              12

Bacon, lettuce, tomato on Challah




All burgers come on an Engelman’s bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and choice of side ($2 upcharge for a greek salad or $1.50 for a soup). Cooked medium unless specified otherwise. Choice of protein: 8oz beef, grilled chicken, fried chicken, turkey, or Beyond (VVV) (add $1).


Tavern Burger                                           14

Choice of American, Swiss, cheddar, pimento, or bleu cheese


Philly Burger                                               14

Double smash burger with two 1/4 lb. beef patties, white American cheese, horseradish aioli, peppers, onions


King Conzy                                                14

Smash burger with two 1/4 lb. beef patties, double American cheese, Sriracha 1000 Island Dressing, lettuce, bread & butter pickles


The Godzilla                                               14

Smash burger with two 1/4 lb. beef patties, muenster cheese, house Korean pickles, and house yum yum sauce.


Bacon & Bleu                                             16

Bacon & Bleu Cheese


Pimento & Jalapeno                                  14

With Jalapeno ranch on the side


Patty Melt                                                  14.5

Grilled onions, swiss, sriracha thousand island, marbled rye


Add bacon $2.50

Add grilled onions $1.50




Mashed Sweet Potato (V,G), Creamy Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Side Salad (VVV,G), Tater Tots (VVV,G), Black Beans & Rice (VVV,G), Potato Rounds (VVV,G), Homemade Collards (VVV,G)                

                                            4.5 or 3 for 13


soups & salads


Salads come with lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumbers and balsamic vinaigrette unless specified otherwise.


Tomato Soup (V)               Cup    5 / Bowl    7 

Served with parmesan cheese


Soup & Salad (V)                                     10 

Bowl of tomato soup & small house salad ($2 upcharge for small Greek Salad instead)


Greek Salad (VVV,G)                                  10

Feta, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, balsamic


Chicken Salad Salad (G)                            13

Cucumbers, tomato, onions


Big Cobb Salad  (G)                                 15.5

Bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, grilled chicken, egg


Wedge Salad (G)                                           9

Iceberg lettuce with bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, bacon, bleu cheese dressing.


Dressings: balsamic vinaigrette, buttermilk ranch, jalapeno ranch, bleu cheese


hot dogs


-Baja Slaw Dog

-Pimento Jalapeno Relish Dog

-Seattle Dog (cream cheese & grilled onions)


$5 for one / $10 for a basket of two plus a side

(Veggie dogs (VVV) available for $6 / $12 a basket)




Bangers & Mash                                            13

British-style sausage with onion gravy & creamy mashed potatoes


Working Man’s Cuban Bowl (G)                   15

Black beans & rice, mojo pork, Baja slaw, crispy potato sticks


Beer Battered Cod                                      15.5

Potato rounds, house tartar, Baja slaw


soft beverages


Fountain sodas                                          2.75

Coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale


Sweet & unsweet tea                                  2.75


Witchy Kombvchy                                           6

ginger & apricot kombucha,

Jalapeno honey lemonade kombucha                                                                  

House squeezed lemonade                            3


JavaVino Coffee                                              3


Cold brew concentrate shot                           4      




Chocolate Red Velvet Cake                            7.5

Chocolate frosted


Carrot Spice Cake                                            7.5

Cream cheese, almonds

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